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Our 1500 customers include public administrations and municipalities, construction and architecture companies, large production companies, banks and insurance providers, as well as catering and transport companies.

RailAway positions itself as the leading leisure operator for day and multi-day excursions with additional services in Switzerland for individual travellers and groups. As a result of the replacement of the previous systems (Excel) by new software, the time and performance recording of RailAway has been greatly simplified. Within four months, the software solutions projekto.pro and presento.pro as well as the web solution time.pro were successfully introduced. Today, employees, superiors and the HR team benefit from a hosted and intuitive solution that can be accessed via the web and allows real-time analysis.

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Swiss Casinos brings people together through gaming and is a leader in entertainment and in dealing with guests and employees. Swiss Casinos' four places of encounter and experience are located in Zurich, St. Gallen, Pfäffikon SZ and Schaffhausen with a total of 500 employees. The employment law framework (ArG) requires Swiss Casinos to make its time recording transparent. Thanks to the centralized time management solution, which supports resource planning, time recording and control, the company benefits from synergies across its four locations.

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Rigi Bahnen AG is a tourism and transport company with numerous cogwheel railways and cable cars based in Arth. The time solution from zeit ag is used to manage challenging staff planning for employees. Employees have an overview of their work assignments, time balance, holidays and absences at any given time. An interface ensures that the data is transferred into the ERP system «Abacus» and enables easy calculation of working hours as well as optimal controlling of staff costs.

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The innovative family company Stocker Stahl AG from Rothenburg is a specialist in steel and building services. The roughly 30 employees record their time easily and accurately at a terminal on site. The software simplifies daily administration and increases efficiency in calculating working hours.

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Steig Wohnen und Arbeiten in Appenzell supports and helps people with disabilities. After switching from Excel to software, its staff planning was simplified significantly. The planning makes it clear to staff when and where they are working. Planners benefit from a comprehensive overview and the fast and easy creation of work rotas.

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Sucht Schweiz is an independent, non-profit making foundation based in Lausanne that carries out prevention projects and is active in the field of healthcare policy. Its employees, roughly 45 in number, have benefited from a comprehensive time, absence and project time recording system using the software since 2017.

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SWISS KRONO AG is a company belonging to the Swiss Krono Group based in in Menznau. It is a producer of wood materials that enjoys international success. At the headquarters in Menznau some 490 employees record their working time and project time with the aid of the software. Both the outer shell and the interior of the building are optimally secured by more than 80 online access readers of the compact line series in connection with 26 door controllers. In addition, the access readers in the lifts guarantee that admission to the individual floors is only possible for authorised persons.

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Since its foundation more than 80 years ago, Morga has been developing, producing and distributing natural vegetarian foods. The company attaches great importance to security and many years ago set up a comprehensive complete solution comprising time recording and access control. External doors and parts of the production and offices were equipped with access readers. Employees have access to selected areas of the building with their personal badge or PIN code. Access rules and authorisations are controlled centrally via software. In order to further increase flexibility and simplify administration, Morga decided to completely renew both systems. All readers have been replaced, while PIN codes and badges have been retained. A new interface has been created that allows easy transfer of master data from the time recording software to the access control software matrix, thus simplifying administration.

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  • «With the software of zeit ag we can record and process time recording and resource planning in an optimal way. At the same time, we can comply with and control the strict conditions of the labor law.»

    Cornelia Wegmüller
    Leiterin Human Resources
    Swiss Casinos
    Cornelia Wegmüller
  • «With the time recording system from zeit ag, we can manage workload distribution, overtime and holidays in real time. It saves a lot of time and offers transparency for the strategic management of our team.»

    Florence Mauron-Fort
    Directrice Finances & Administration
    La Cave Genève
    Florence Mauron-Fort
  • Mit presento.pro können wir die Arbeitszeiten und Abwesenheiten unserer Mitarbeiter an 7 verschiedenen Standorten global und auf verschiedenen Ebenen überwachen. Ergänzt durch time.pro ist die Lösung noch interessanter und bietet eine unterhaltsame und intuitive Oberfläche sowie zusätzliche Statistik-Tools

    Susanne Hugentobler
    Leiterin Personal
    Groupe Cogestim
    Susanne Hugentobler
  • «With the time recording system from zeit ag, we can manage workload distribution, overtime and holidays in real time. It saves a lot of time and offers transparency for the strategic management of our team.»

    Frank Wilhelm
    DC-Stv Informatics
    Polizei Kanton Solothurn
    Frank Wilhelm
  • «We've increased efficiency in performance recording by about 50 percent.»

    Daniel Langenegger
    Daniel Langenegger
  • «Mobile time recording is the ideal solution for our travelling business.»

    Annelis Rohrer
    Head of the Technical, Artistic HR Office
    Zirkus Knie
    Annelis Rohrer