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Order and project time recording

Control over projects, efforts and budgets

Project time recording with projekto.pro

Keep an eye on your projects, orders, costs and resources at all times. A target/actual comparison of project and order data can be called up continuously and enables you to optimise project controlling.

Your benefits
  • Location-independent project and order time recording
  • Control over projects and orders in terms of costs and lead time
  • Highly flexible tariff models with internal and external cost rates allow a very differentiated post-calculation of the services rendered
  • Employees record working hours, activities and expenses independently

In addition, you can see the current status, the booked hours and the expended resources and costs of a project or order at a glance in a clear display with filter options.
A target/actual comparison of the project and order data is continuously visible and thus enables you to optimise project controlling.

With time.pro, our modern web application, the working hours, expenses and resources incurred are recorded directly in the project or order.

The integration of the time recording presento.pro ensures the comparison with the working hours and thus facilitates the billing of the hours actually worked. Interfaces allow the connection of various third-party systems. projekto.pro is ideal for a wide range of industries in which project-oriented work and productivity optimisation are required.

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