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Shift planning

Effortlessly create schedules for your staff

Shift planning with dispo.pro

Optimise your planning and improve your customer service: Prevent expensive idle time and unplanned overtime. Easily create complex duty rosters and react quickly in the event of staff absences.

Your benefits
  • Low administration effort
  • Automatic calculation of breaks and allowances based on the type and duration of the planned assignment
  • Fast reaction in the event of staff absences (duty swap)
  • All shifts, working times and absences on a single planning overview
  • Always up-to-date team planning can be viewed by employees in time.pro

With shift planning dispo.pro, you can create shift planning for individual persons or entire groups according to various criteria for any period of time. Functions (activities), deployment times, deployment locations and cost centres can also be planned. The planning on the monthly and daily overview can be displayed using the mouse or by direct entry via the keyboard. Short-term adjustments to shift planning can be made on the timeline. Rolling key figures (actual vs. target) prevent over- or under-planning.

With dispo.pro you can display all time values and balances and plan and control your resources at an early stage. The monthly and annual balance can be checked at any time for each employee. Of course, holidays, rest days and public holidays are automatically included in the planning. Corresponding checks are automatically carried out by the system on an ongoing basis.

At the push of a button, dispo.pro creates a wide variety of evaluations and statistics for you, showing you on which days which functions, services and absences are scheduled.

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