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Absence management

Health-related absences cause high costs. With module absence management of presento.pro, you can recognise early warning early warning signs and promote the health of your employees with the health of your employees with the right preventive measures.

Your benefits
  • Proactive and timely action thanks to early warning system
  • Cost reduction in social security premiums
  • Increased competitiveness in the market

Why absence management?

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Every year, an average of 80% of absences in Swiss companies are due to illness or accident. This not only causes high costs, but also puts an additional strain on other human resources: in the meantime, the substitute employees are doing twice the work. The result is overwork, mistakes - and subsequently: More absences. According to statistics, the duration of a health-related absence correlates with the probability of reintegration into the working world.

The importance of prevention
Occupational physicians have observed in their professional practice that most long-term absences are preceded by clear warning signs. One of these is the frequent occurrence of short absences for health reasons, and the trend is rising. But it is not always easy to recognise these warning signs in time. This is where presento.pro's absenteeism management module comes in: thanks to the early warning system, HR managers are proactively alerted to conspicuous absences. If desired, the system then suggests initial measures to avoid long-term absenteeism.

Your HR department is proactively supported
The absence management system gives HR managers the opportunity to initiate the right measures at the right time in the prevention phase. They are supported in management tasks, save time and, thanks to detailed statistics, benefit from a better basis for negotiation in wage loss insurance applications.

Solution packages

Not every company has the same needs regarding absences and absence management. For this reason, our solution (Occupational Health Management) is offered in the following packages:

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